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Step 1: Choose Your Focus

Kickstart your journey by choosing a team, game, or player on our dashboard. Go beyond basic stats and specify your focus to uncover unique situational insights. From team performance in away games to player stats during night games, the choice is yours.

Step 2: Filter and Analyze

Harness the power of our unique filters to analyze performance under specific conditions. Be it a player's night game stats or a team's away game performance, our dashboard simplifies your search for the stats you need.

Step 3: Uncover Insights

Delve deep into the stats and uncover key insights. Our multi-level approach allows for a detailed analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions and predictions.

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Team Stats

Gain comprehensive insights into team performance with our detailed stats.

Player Stats

Explore detailed player stats for strategic insights.


Learn how game conditions influence player and team performance.

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All-In-One Dashboard

Experience the convenience of all your sports stats in one place. Our comprehensive dashboard consolidates data for efficient browsing and analysis.

Conditional Stats

Access the right stats for every situation. Our dashboard allows filtering of performance based on specific conditions for accurate predictions.

Detailed Analysis

Dive deep into the world of sports stats. Our multi-level approach uncovers key insights, providing a detailed analysis of player performances.

Easy Navigation

Find what you need effortlessly. Our user-friendly interface and organized tabs make locating specific stats a breeze.

Daily Updates

Stay updated with the latest stats. We regularly refresh our data to provide you with the most accurate and current sports statistics.

Customized Experience

Customize your dashboard view to focus on the stats that matter most to you, ensuring a relevant and efficient analysis.

Frequent Questions is a comprehensive resource for sports analytics, currently offering Major League Baseball (MLB) data. We provide a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to access, analyze, and understand sports statistics at a granular level.

As of now, we offer MLB data. However, we plan to expand our offerings to include National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL) data soon. is now offered for Free. There is no trial period because the software is free for everyone to use. During the current Alpha release stage, all features are free. In the future, we will have advanced features available for a small additional fee.

Our Baseball Dashboard provides a detailed view of teams, games, and player performances. It includes three tabs: 'Team', 'Game', and 'Player', each offering a different level of data analysis. You can select teams, view specific games, and delve deep into player stats to uncover key insights.

Start with the 'Team' tab to select the team(s) you want to analyze. Then, move to the 'Game' tab to see each game played by your selected team(s). Finally, visit the 'Player' tab to view player-specific data for the games you've chosen. Each tab provides a granular view of teams, games, and player performances.

Yes, both the 'Player' and 'Game' tabs come equipped with a search bar, allowing you to quickly locate player names or team names.

Since is now free, simply visit our website to start using our comprehensive sports analytics platform. No sign-up required during the Alpha release stage.

We provide a detailed user guide on our website to help you navigate the dashboard and leverage its features to the fullest. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

Our data is updated regularly to provide the most accurate and up-to-date statistics.

As is now free, there's no subscription to cancel. Enjoy unlimited access to our sports analytics without any commitments.